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About Me

FloydianSound is a 10-year senior Audiovisual Technician, 2-year Immersive and Mixed Media Technical Artist, and 1-year Junior VR/AR Experiences Developer.
2D-3D Rendering, Game Design, Live and Virtual Production, Real-time 3D Engines, to AI-Assisted technology, I have a wide area of knowledge and can't wait to learn more and contribute to this technological revolution.

Early Years

I have always been around Technology, starting at 13 year old I have assembled my first computer. At 16 years old i was part of the school Technical Team. At 20 years old I spent 2 years in college to learn AudioVisual production and related Performing Arts.

From 2012 to 2015 I was running a company doing AudioVisual Design and Rental for various sized events accross Quebec, which also gave me the opportunity to pickup DJing as a musical performance avenue.

Live Event Production

In 2016 i have worked as a freelance Stage Technician, Sound Engineer, Lighting Designer and LED Wall Technician... In 2018 I decided to acquire certifications for Rope Access, Working at Height and Telescopic Machinery Operation. With that knowledge I have worked many different field, from construction site, to stage rigging and intricate art decor rigging in big budget commercial centers. Work Safe, Work Smart !

Virtual Dive into Art

In October 2018 was my first dive in a VR Headset; with the goal of bridging Virtual and Reality for Performing Arts. With no prior experience in Game Design and 3D Rendering, I have tried several VR games and experiences. The creative and technical catalyst came when i discovered the metaverse VRChat in January 2019.

Within a short time; i was organizing online Virtual Nightclub events, with bi-weekly DJ nights and supporting hosting/moderating staff. I have also been performing many DJ Sets in Virtual Reality and still do to this day.

Since then; and through the Covid crisis, I have dedicated myself full-time learning the fundamentals of Real-Time 3D and Game Engines for online Live Performances.

Virtual / Augmented Reality

In 2021 I decided to spend a year studying VR/AR Design and Immersive Medias at College Champlain, which has given me the opportunity to expand on my knowledge of Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, and Image Synthesis/Video Production. It was also an opportunity to reinforce some soft and fundamentals skills, and explore new outlet for my blend of creative/technical skillset.

Virtual Production and the Metaverse

Through Metaverses like VRChat, ChilloutVR, Meta Horizon; I wish to bring my expertise and knowledge of Hardware, Software and AudioVisual Equipements to these new mediums and participate in creating the tools of the future.

One of my personal ambitions would be to open a Motion Capture and Audio/Video Production Studio to produce various Arts Performance over many mediums like VR/AR, Virtual Production, 3D Models and include a full-fledged audiovisual production quality.


Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Computer Vision

More recently i have discovered a passionate interest for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these tools leverage several use-cases between Tradicitonal Art, Computer Vision, Autonomous Vehicle and Neural Language.
I have several completed arts projects and many mores in the Vault waiting to happen, currently looking for new collaborative ideas and inspirations.


Software Skills



College Champlain

Saint Lambert


VR, AR Virtual Production and Immersive Medias

  • General 3D Modeling and Animation (Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine)

  • Virtual and Augmented Realities experience, VR Metaverse Content, VR Nightclub and stage Design (VRChat, ChilloutVR, Visual Arts, Unreal Engine)

  • General Photo-Video Editing (Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects)(Gimp, OpenShot, DJV)

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research (Stable Diffusion, StyleGAN3, RealESRGAN, Textual Inversion)

Visual Studio


Ecole du Show Business


Technical Event Productions

  • Audio, Lighting and Video (Design, Installation, Repairs)

  • Rigging and Work at Heights, Rope Access, Machinery Operation, Supervisor and First Aid Training

  • Technical Director and Rental Business Management

Platforms Used




Saint-Hubert, QC


  • High School Graduate with strong grades in Music, Information Technology, French and English Languages.

  • Offered to be part of a Music Concentration Program

  • Spent 2 years as part of the Technical Team (Student Radio and Deployment Team) while studying

Social Connection

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  • Discord
  • Youtube
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  • Twitter
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